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A Dorset Collection of Clocks

  • How does a pendulum clock work?


With the development of the pendulum in 1670, the

Golden Age of Clockmaking arrived!

At A Dorset Collection of Clocks, over thirty longcase

("Grandfather") clocks line the gallery in date order,

showing the changes in clock fashion throughout the

18th and 19th centuries.

Alongside are English and French Turret clocks - a rare chance

to see movements that are usually hidden away

driving dials on churches or public buildings.

As featured on TV's "Flog it" !

Cider Gift Shop Open Tuesday to Saturday

from 10am - 4pm 


Admission Prices

Adults .......... £3.00

Children .......... £1.00


Both Museums ... £5.00


Groups and schools welcome - please pre-book

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