Welcome to Mill House Nurseries 

Following the Prime Minister's announcement 

the Nursery, Cider Museum and Clock Collection

are now closed to the public

whilst we seek advice on what we can and can't do

We will update here regularly and hope to offer delivery

and/or isolation point shopping if possible




The Spring Nursery starts the year with

a huge range of Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets and Shallots. 

Throughout the season we sell a range of high quality vegetable plants, bedding plants, geraniums, fuchsias,  

basket / patio plants and much more !

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 4pm

(Closed Mondays except Bank Holiday Mondays)

Imperial Green Longpod Broad Beans &

Hurst Greenshaft Peas on sale now !


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Seed Potatoes

The Nursery reopens 7th January 2020 with an amazing selection of Seed Potatoes !

Displayed in Open trays you can see exactly what you are getting and help yourself to the amount you want - even if it is just one or two

Vegetable Plants

 Available at different times throughout the season, please phone or email for details

Lettuce, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Calabrese, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Broad Beans, Runner Beans, Dwarf French Beans, Kelsae Giant Show Onions, Seed Grown Onion Plants, Sweet corn, Artichokes, Leeks, Aubergines...

Tomato Plants

We sell a large variety of Beefsteak, Standard and Cherry varieties as small plants between March and June, subject to availability

Pepper Plants

We sell an interesting range of Chilli and Sweet pepper plants from March to June, subject to availability. From the HOT HOT HOT Dorset Naga to the sweet Bell Boy there is something for everyone !


Indoor and Outdoor cucumber plants will be on sale from April, May and June. We will have MINI varieties as well and standard long ones !

Squashes and Courgettes

We love squashes - we like to have an interesting range of unusual plants - ranging from green zucchini to yellow courgettes,  Butternut Squash to the delicious Crown Prince, and many more !


We have a huge selection of Annual and Perennial Herbs !


including (subject to availability) :

Blackcurrant,  Blueberry, Cranberry,  Gooseberry, Loganberry,  Raspberry, Redcurrant,  Tayberry, Fig

Rhubarb (Timperly Early, Champagne, Victoria & Raspberry Red)

Strawberry plants—variety of early, mid & late types

A Selection of Fruit trees including Apple, Cider Apple, Pear, Plum and Cherry


Upright & trailing, we have over 80 varieties straight from the growing Bench, including Regal & Angel Pelargoniums


We have a variety of upright, trailing and hardy plants in a range of colours

Basket and Patio Plants

Hundreds of different colours, textures and habits to design your perfect hanging basket or tub.

A selection of ready made baskets and tubs are also available throughout May & June

Bedding Plants

From Pansies and Polyanthus in the early season, to Marigolds, Begonias, Busy lizzies, Nicotiana & many others when the threat of frost is over


We have an interesting selection including Foxgloves, Delphiniums, Lupins, Lavenders and a range of Alpines, subject to availability


Professional Potting compost and growbags are available throughout the season

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         SEED POTATOES Spring 2020

                     On Sale from 7th January 2020 ! Help yourself to the amount you want !


















Chit - Indoors (in light and frost free conditions) until shoots are ½ to 1” high

Plant -  March to May when the soil is warm and dry,12” apart, 30” rows, 4"deep, (count them out to suit your row lengths)

Earth up - to 8” high, protect from frost and choose a sunny site.

             Farmyard manure, compost and a high potash fertilizer will increase yield.

                Too much nitrogen can lead to cooking, keeping and flavour problems.

First Earlies

Varieties in Red not yet in stock

Abbot                          Extra early, high dry matter, dig early as new potato or leave in as baker/roaster

Accent                         Cream Flesh, excellent flavour, good general purpose

Accord                          Similar to Accent, better disease resistance and higher yields, firm creamy flesh

Arran Pilot                    Traditional favourite, White flesh, firm waxy texture, good flavour, drought resistant

Belle de Fontenay      Long oval, waxy, excellent salad, good storage

BF15                                Belle de Fontenay X Flava. Firm, waxy, salad, Better disease resistance

Casablanca                  White skinned Winston type, shallow eyes, good showing, slightly floury - chip bake or boil

Cherie                        Oval salad, very pretty, deep rose pink skin with pale yellow flesh. Heavy crops, wonderful flavour

Colleen (organic)        Short oval, yellow skin and flesh, good chips, baked and salad

Duke of York                Cream flesh, floury texture, good general purpose

Dunluce                              White skin, white flesh, versatile with good flavour

Epicure                          Excellent flavour. Old variety, bred 1897, floury

Foremost                      White flesh, slightly floury, good flavoured early scraper

Home Guard                White flesh, slightly floury, good general purpose

International Kidney  Waxy, Pale yellow flesh. Good early salad, Can be used as general purpose later


Lady Christl              Early, oval firm tubers, yellow skin, pale yellow flesh, Heavy cropper, Good disease resistance

Maris Bard                 Flesh white and firm, Traditional New Potato, Early heavy cropper, good drought tolerance

Orla                             Oval, cream skin and flesh. High yields, can also be grown later as a main crop

Pentland Javelin         Flesh white, slightly waxy. Good boiling and salad, good disease resistance

Premiere                     Oval, skin and flesh yellow, Firm dry tubers make very good chips and general purpose         

Red Duke of York    Bright red skin with cream flesh, superb flavour, versatile

Rocket                          Flesh white flesh, skin white. Earliest, cropping in 70 days, Good disease resistance

Sharpes Express        Flesh lemon. Floury, traditional good general purpose

Swift                            Very early, Rocket type with slightly larger tubers, Flesh white. Short bushy habit ideal for containers

Ulster Prince               Long oval. Skin and flesh white, good yield of waxy tubers, Good scab and drought resistance

Winston                      White skin, cream flesh, Lovely general purpose potato, Ideal for exhibiting

Second Earlies

Varieties in Red not yet in stock

Bonnie                      Salad type, round tubers, red skin, cream flesh

British Queen           Oval tubers, white skin and flesh, shallow eyes, Dry, floury and tasty

Carlingford                  Lovely New Potato Taste,  Oval, white skinned and waxy fleshed tubers

Charlotte                   Popular, High yielding, long, yellow, good waxy salad.     

Cheyenne                 Very fine flavour, red-skinned, yellow flesh, oval shape. Can be harvested early or left to mature

Elfe                        Smooth oval shape, creamy skin, bright yellow flesh, buttery sweet taste

Estima                         Flesh cream, excellent flavour, firm early baker, good drought tolerance               

Gemson                  Small firm waxy  potatoes, Maris Peer X, good disease resistance

Gourmandine Organic  Charlotte x Estima, Waxy salad, long shape, yellow skin creamy yellow flesh. Yields good numbers of uniform-sized tubers with shallow eyes, stays firm when cooked

Jazzy*                      Versatile waxy tubers, huge yields *                          

Kestrel                        Firm, general purpose, baker and chipper      

Libertie NEW !        Uniform Bright Bold tubers, show quality, good scab and blight tolerance, Harmony x Divaa            

Lintzer Delikatess   Long oval, Yellow Skin/flesh, excellent flavour, waxy salad

Marfona                     Flesh cream, high yield. Good jacket potato, stores well                            

Maris Peer                 Flesh white, firm. Good boiling or chips, superb flavour                 

Maxine                       Oval, red skin, firm cream flesh, Good disease resistance                                                

Nadine                        Flesh Cream, very waxy, good exhibitor, high yields                                      

Nicola                        Good Flavour waxy salad and general purpose                       

Sagitta NEW       ‘One of the Best Tasting!’ – high yields of even tubers for delicious chips and mash

Saxon     Large crops long oval white skin, firm yellow flesh, v good flavour, versatile 

Wilja                           Flesh pale yellow. Good general purpose, high yields of large tubers                      


Varieties in Red not yet in stock

Amour                      White Skin, Attractive red markings, versatile, good disease resistance

Anya  *                    Desiree x Pink Fir Apple, Long smoother  tubers, red skin new potato flavour, waxy *  Cara                        White, red eye. Flesh cream, very firm, drought resistant and very good general purpose.

                                Good Blight resistance

Carolus          Smooth pale yellow tubers, attractive shallow red eyes, slightly floury, versatile

Desiree                       Red skin, light yellow flesh, firm and drought resistant. Excellent flavour, Versatile

Golden Wonder          Skin russet, flesh pale lemon, Floury and dry for good mash and roasting    

Harmony                          Early main, very waxy, pale skin and flesh, good flavour          

Kerrs Pink                  Pink skin, cream flesh, floury, Dense weed-suppressing foliage

King Edward               White with red eye. Flesh cream, slightly floury. Excellent flavour, versatile

Kingsman                       Creamy floury flesh, good disease resistance, high yields, pale yellow flesh

Linda NEW                 Yellow skin and yellow flesh, good all rounder

Majestic                     Flesh white, floury, drought resistant, robust in any soil

Manitou           Desiree type with firmer flesh, good spraing and eelworm resistance

Maris Piper                Very popular, Flesh cream, slightly floury. Good all purpose especially chips

Markies                   Good disease resistance, best for chips and roast, high yields, yellow flesh

Mayan Gold      Golden skinned, long oval, deep yellow flesh,unique nutty flavour. Creamy yet dry texture and the variety is fantastic for chipping and roasting,

Pentland Crown          White flesh. Drought and disease resistant, Huge yields of versatile potatoes

Pentland Dell Large oval tubers, white skin, creamy flesh, good disease and slug resistance

Picasso                         Skin yellow with redeye, cream flesh, Suitable for a wide  range of use, very uniform and keeps well

Pink Fir Apple            Long, knobbly tubers, waxy. Keep their new potato flavour throughout.

Pink Gypsy            Red white eye, early main, good disease resistance, excellent flavour and cooking qualities

Ratte                              Long waxy tubers, similar to pink fir but without the knobbles!Delicious 'nutty' taste

Record                   High dry matter for best ships, crisps and roasting. Good disease resistance

Red King Edward   Heritage variety, red flushed skin, creamy floury flesh with good flavour

Rooster *                       Red skin, oval, pale yellow flesh, good roast *

Roseval     Long, oval tubers, red skin, deep yellow, waxy flesh. excellent salad

Sarpo Kifli  NEW      Salad, Great new potato flavour, Long shape with creamy white flesh, Good all round

                             disease tolerance, Ideal for raised beds and containers, High yielding and can be kept until spring

Sarpo Mira                Blight & Slug resistant, red skin, cream flesh, good storage, Floury texture, good general purpose

Sarpo Shona            Great multi use potato, Best for small gardens and container growing, Excellent blight and disease tolerance,                            Matures early with large yields

Sarpo Una              Harvest early as a waxy salad, leave longer for a heavy crop of baking potatoes, Delicate taste,

                            pink skin, white flesh, Good all round blight and disease tolerance

Setanta  ORGANIC      Red Skin, yellow flesh, keeps well, floury, good scab & blight resistance

Stemster             Desiree X Maris Piper, oval shaped, pink-red skin, pale yellow flesh, good bakerValor                           Round, white skin and white flesh

Vivaldi *                      Versatile, good creamy flavour. Yellow skin, pale yellow flesh *

Yukon Gold              Short oval, golden skin, yellow rich buttery flesh, versatile



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