Welcome to Mill House Nurseries 

The Nursery and Cider Shop are now open to the public

Tuesday to Saturdays 10am - 4pm

with limited entry and strict safety and distancing measures in place.

-Face covering must be worn at all times

-Keep a minimum of 2 metres from all other people

-One shopper per household permitted at peak times

- If the car park is busy please come back another day -

no queuing along the road

-Card Payment preferred

NEW OPENING HOURS Tuesday to Saturdays 10am - 4pm

Closed Sundays and Mondays 

If you are isolating or vulnerable you may purchase

by telephone (01305 852220 between 10am and 4pm Tuesday to Saturday)

or email your order and we will phone you back.

Pay over the phone by debit/credit card and collect your goods 

from outside the greenhouse at an 'Isolation Point'

at your allocated time slot.

email - contact@millhousecider.com

phone - 01305 852220

The Spring Nursery starts the year with

a huge range of Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets and Shallots. 

Throughout the season we sell a range of high quality vegetable plants, bedding plants, geraniums, fuchsias,  

basket / patio plants and much more !

tn_cider 002.jpg

Seed Potatoes,

Onion Sets & Shallots

Still a few left - not too late to plant !



Professional Potting Compost

All Purpose 75 L - £7.80

Pot Bedding 75 L - £7.80

Growbag - £4.95

Jiffy Peat Free 70 L - £12

Melcourt Peat Free 50 L - £7.50

Seed Compost 75 L - £9.95

Ericaceous Compost 40 L - £6.95


Brassicas 25p

Sold as individual plugs 25 p each

Broccoli - Marathon

Broccoli - Sticolli Tenderstem

Cabbage - Advantage Pointed, Red Drumhead

Lettuce - Iceberg Donovan

               - Little Gem Fortaleza

               - Cut & Come Again Green Isira or Red Bolero

               - Mixed Salad Leaves £1.95 strip

broad beans.jfif

Broad Bean Plants

£5.95 tray of 24 or 25p each

Bunyards Exhibition

Imperial Green Longpod

Suttons Dwarf


Dianthus - Scented £2.50

Dianthus - Assorted colours, in flower now, hardy and highly scented  £2.50


ALSO alpines including Phlox, Arabis, Sedums, and many more

Hanging Herbs

Herbs - £2 small, £3.50 Large

including ....




Chocolate Peppermint


Curry Plant


Fennel Bronze


Lemon Balm



Mint Chocolate Peppermint

Mint Garden


Parsley Curly

Parsley French




Strawberry Alpine

Sweet Cicely


Lavender  - £2.50

Horseradish - £3


Pea Plants

£5.95 tray of 24 or 25p each

Hurst Greenshaft


Pea Sticks & Bean Poles

Pea Stick Bundle - £7.95

Bean Pole Bundle - £9.95


Bedding Plants

Pansies and Violas, Antirrhinums , Geraniums, Marguerites and much more

We have an ever-changing variety of beautiful plants to suit any garden


Cucumbers £2.20

Available as plants from April to July, we will have standard Long, Mini and Finger size to choose from


Fuchsias £3.20

We have a variety of upright, trailing and hardy plants in a range of exciting colours


Basket & Patio Plants

Hundreds of different colours, textures and habits to design your perfect hanging basket or tub.

A selection of ready made baskets and tubs are also available throughout May and June



Upright and trailing, we have over 80 varieties straight from the growing bench,  including Zonal, Ivy Leaf and Scented

Image by Slawek K


From mid March we will have an interesting selection including Foxgloves, Delphiniums, Lupins and a large range of Alpines, subject to availability


Pepper Plants

We sell an interesting range of Chilli and Sweet Pepper plants from Mid March to July, subject to availability.

From the HOT HOT HOT Dorset Naga to the sweet Bell Boy there is something for everybody !


Squashes and Courgettes £1.95

We love squashes ! we like to have an interesting range of unusual plants - ranging from green zucchini to yellow courgettes, Butternut squash to the delicious Crown Prince and many more.


Tomato Plants

We sell a large variety of Beefsteak, Standard and Cherry varieties as small plants between March and July, subject to availability

On Sale Now - £1.95 each


Vegetable Plants

Available throughout the season...


Giant Show Onions

Runners Beans, French Beans, Borlotti Beans

Leeks, Aubergines and much much more

Bottled Ciders 2.jpg

Cider & Gift Shop

Mill House Draught Farm Cider 6% 

Dry or Med Sweet

1 Litre £3.50

2.5 Litre £6.80

5 Litre £11.99

20 Litre Bag in Box £42

Mill House Bottled Cider 500ml

Scrumpy £3.20

Caramel £3.20

Elderflower £3.20

Russet £3.20

Schnapple Dorset Apple Schnapps £12


Toffee Apple


Moonshine Dark Berries

Cider Vinegar 1 Litre £4.50

Made on Site

Dorset Honey £4.50

Bridge Farm

Bridge Farm Perry 500 ml £3.20

Kingston Black Cider 500ml £3.20

Sparkling Artisan Cider 500ml £3.20

Cider by Rosie

Yarlington Mill Sparkling 750ml £9.95

Dorset Nectar 500ml £3.20

Foxy Ginger 

Hunny Bubble

Sweet Maiden

Top o the Hill


Lulworth Skipper 500ml £3.20

Dry, Medium or Sweet

Lyme Bay

Annings Fruit Ciders 500ml £3.20

Pear & Peach

Elderflower & Cucumber

Strawberry & Lyme

Pear & Mint

Pink Grapefruit & Pineapple

Crushed Mixed Berries

Jack Ratt Scrumpy 1 Litre £5.95

Jack Ratt Scrumpy 500ml £3.95

Jack Ratt Vintage 1 Litre £5.95

Jack Ratt Vintage 500ml £3.95

Gin, Rum and Mead also available - please ask for details

Purbeck Cider Co

Dorset Draft 500ml £3.50

Dorset Blush 500ml £3.50

Orchard Dabinett 500ml £3.50

Orchard Med Dry 500ml £3.50

Purbeck No 10 500ml £3.50

Perry 750ml £6.10

West Milton

Dorset Moonlight 500ml £3.20

Dorset Starlight 500ml £3.20

Dorset Twilight 500ml £3.20

Flowery Bottom Elderflower 500ml £3.50

Lancombe Rising 750 ml £5.90

Lancombe Rising 375ml £3.45

Purple Haze 500ml £3.50

         SEED POTATOES Spring 2021




















Varieties in Red Print not available


Printable PDF Potato button 2021.jpg
Seed Potatoes 2021 1.jpg
Seed Potatoes 2021 2.jpg
Seed Potatoes 2021 3.jpg
Shallots 2021 Stock in.jpg
Tomatoes 2021 Beefsteak.jpg.tif
Tomatoes 2021 Standard pics.jpg
Tomatoes 2021 Cherry.jpg
Chillis 2021.jpg
Sweet peppers 2021.jpg