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Great Local Produce

 A large range of Dorset Ciders, 

Schnapps, Gin, Rum and Mead.

Sausages, Chops, Beef and Venison.

Scented Candles and other gifts...

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Apples & Cider,

Poems & Art

Support the museum and get a great gift !

A Unique collection of Poems and Artwork written during the spring of 2020

Only £4.99 !

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Draft Farm Cider

Dry or Medium Sweet 6%

1 Litre £4.50

2.5 Litre £7.80

5 Litre £12.99

20 Litre Bag in Box £49.99

Bottled Ciders 3.jpg

Mill House Bottles

500 ml

Scrumpy £3.50

Russet £3.50


Schnapple Dorset Apple Schnapps 20%

An initial big hit of luscious apple, with long lingering fruit in the mouth, then a lovely warm feeling to finish

Apple 5cl £ 3.50

Toffee Apple 5cl £ 3.50

Raspberry 5 cl £ 3.50

Moonshine Dark Berries 5cl £ 3.50


Cider Vinegar

Made on site !

1 Litre container £ 4.50


Bridge Farm

Award Winning Artisan Cider

Bridge Farm Perry 500 ml £3.50

Kingston Black Cider 500ml £3.50

Sparkling Artisan Cider 500ml £3.50

Fresh Apples

Cider By Rosie

Made at Winterbourne Houghton

Porters Perfection Sparkling Cider 750 ml £9.95

Dorset Nectar.png

Dorset Nectar

Award Winning Artisan Cider made in Bridport

Foxy Ginger 500ml £3.50

Hunny Bubble 500ml £3.50

Sweet Maiden 500ml £3.50

Top o the Hill 500ml £3.50

Wildcat 500ml £3.50

purbeck cider.jpg

Purbeck Cider Company

"Naturally Delicious Cider, Full of Flavour"

Dorset Draft 500ml £3.50

Dorset Blush 500ml £3.50

Dabinett 500ml £3.50

Purbeck No 10 500ml £3.50

Jurassic Juice 750ml Braeburn £3.50

Jurassic Juice 259ml Bramley & Cox £1.99

lulworth skipper.jpg

Lulworth Skipper

Cask Matured Real Cider made from 100% Juice

Lulworth Skipper Dry 500ml £3.50

Lulworth Skipper Medium 500ml £3.50

Lulworth Skipper Sweet 500ml £3.50

temple cider.jpg

Dorset Temple

"We create delicious full juice cider in the Traditional Way "

Whiskey Barrel Cider 500ml £3.50

Milo's Magic 500ml £3.50

Yarlington Mill Dry 500ml £3.50

west milton.jpg

West Milton Cider

"We add nothing, we take nothing away - This is real Cider as nature intended "

Dorset Moonlight 500ml £3.50

Dorset Starlight 500ml £3.50

Dorset Twilight 500ml £3.50

Flowery Bottom Elderflower 500ml £3.50

Apple Juice Early Windsor 750ml £3.50

Jack Ratt.jpg

Lyme Bay Ciders

Award Winning Cider, Wine & Mead

Jack Ratt Scrumpy 1 L Glass Flagon £5.95

Jack Ratt Scrumpy 500ml GlassFlagon £3.95

Jack Ratt Vintage 1 L Glass Flagon £5.95

Jack Ratt Vintage 500ml GlassFlagon £3.95

Annings Pear & Peach Cider 500ml £3.50

Annings Elderflower&Cucumber 500ml £3.50

Annings Strawberry & Lyme 500ml £3.50

Annings Pear & Mint Cider 500ml £3.50

Annings Grapefruit&Pineapple 500ml £3.50

Annings Crushed Mixed Berries 500ml £3.50

MULLED CIDER 750ml £4.95


Lyme Bay Mead

Award Winning Cider, Wine & Mead

Christmas Mead 75cl 

Traditional Mead 75cl 

West Country Mead 75cl 

Garden Mead (mint)75cl 

Tournament Mead (ginger) 75cl 


Lyme Bay Spirits

A selection of finest Gins and Rum

Lugger Spiced Rum 40% 70cl £36.50

Lugger Spiced Rum 40% 5cl £4

Lyme Bay Dry Gin 70cl £36.50

Lyme Bay Winter Gin 70cl £36.50

Lyme Bay Mini Flavoured Gins 5cl £4

-Pink Grapefruit

-Orange & Thyme

-Elderflower & Cucumber




Cider Brandy

From The Somerset Cider Brandy Company, Burrow Hill

Cider Brandy 42%

3yr Old 5cl £3.50

3yr Old 35cl £16.95

3yr Old 70cl £29.95

5yr Old 5cl £3.50

5yr Old 35cl £19.95

5yr Old 70cl £36.95

10yr Old 70cl £45

15yr Old 70cl £65

Damien Hurst 50cl £85

Shipwreck 50cl £34.50

Kingston Black Apple Aperitif 50cl £14

Somerset Pomona 50cl £14


Dorset Brewing Co.

500ml Bottle £ 3.50

Durdle Door 5% 

Dorset Knob 3.9%

Chesil 4.1%

Jurassic 4.2%

Origin 4.3%


Mulling Spice Bags

Simmer in Cider, Wine or Apple Juice for 20 minutes

20 Bags £3.50

(use 2 bags per litre)


Moores Biscuits

Handbaked Traditional Biscuits

Dorset Knob Biscuits 200g £3.95

Butter Shortbread 300g £3.95

Dorset Biscuit Selection 200g £2.95


Dorset Tea

Sunshine Blend

80 Bags £3.40

40 Bags £2.40



Please phone or email for prices (priced by weight)

Dorset Red Smoked

Dorset Blue Vinney

Scumpy Cider & Apple

Coastal Cheddar


Dorset Jelly £3.50

Made by Ali's Homemade Produce

Crab Apple

Crab Apple & Ginger

Crab Apple & Mint

Crab Apple & Rosemary



Sausages & Meat

Pork from our own Rare Breed Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

Sausages - Traditional, Honey Roast or Gluten Free (Frozen in packs of 6, please phone or email for prices)

Pork Chops, Joints & Sausage Meat


Jams & Chutneys £3.50

From Dorset With Love

Apricot Jam

Blackberry & Apple Jam

Strawberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

Rhubarb & Ginger Jam

Lemon Curd

Seville Orange Marmalade

3 Fruit Marmalade

Apple & Cider Chutney

Beetroot Relish

Christmas Chutney

Curried Apple Chutney

Fig & Olive Chutney

Real Ale Chutney

Spicy Tomato Chutney

Smoked Chilli Mayo

Garlic Mayo

Dorsetshire Sauce £5.99


Sam's Fudge

100g  £ 2.60

Salted Caramel or Vanilla

soap n tea_edited.jpg

Handmade Dorset Soap
& Bath Tea


Made by Bramblewood in Owermoigne !

Handmade Dorset Soap £5.50

-Botanical Bloom

-Gardeners Soap


-Rose & Geranium

-Rosemary & Orange

Bath Tea (Bath Salts) £9.50

-Botanical Bloom

-Gardeners Revivier

-Relaxing Rose


Scented Candles

Made by Rhubarb Hill in Dorset !

Small £7.50   Large £13

Black Plum & Rhubarb

Cuban Tobacco & French Oak

Dorset Apple Cake

Lemongrass & Ginger

Orange & Chilli

Mistletoe & Snowberry

Pear & Freesia

Pumpkin Spice

Rhubarb & Rose

Wash Day

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