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Great Local Produce

 A large range of Dorset Ciders, 

Schnapps, Gin, Rum and Mead.

Sausages & Chops.

Scented Candles and other wonderful gifts ideas...

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Apples & Cider,
Poems & Art

Support the museum and get a great gift !

A Unique collection of Poems and Artwork written during the spring of 2020

Only £4.99 !

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Draft Farm Cider

Dry 6% or Medium Sweet 4.8%

 1 Litre  £5.50

2.5 Litre  £10.50

 5 Litre £17.99

20 Litre Bag in Box £59.99

Bottled Ciders 3.jpg

Mill House Bottles

500 ml

Scrumpy, Russet, Elderflower, Caramel 

£3.95 or 3 for £10.95


Schnapple Dorset Apple Schnapps 20%

An initial big hit of luscious apple, with long lingering fruit in the mouth, then a lovely warm feeling to finish

Flavours - Apple, Toffee Apple, 

 Raspberry, Moonshine Dark Berries


Cider Vinegar

Made on site !

1 Litre container £ 4.50


Bridge Farm

Award Winning Artisan Cider

Bridge Farm Perry 500 ml 

Kingston Black Cider 500ml 

Sparkling Artisan Cider 500ml 

£3.95 or 3 for £10.95

Dorset Nectar.png

Dorset Nectar

Award Winning Artisan Cider made in Bridport

Foxy Ginger, Hunny Bubble 

Sweet Maiden, Top o the Hill 

Wildcat, Damson

£3.95 or 3 for £10.95 

purbeck cider.jpg

Purbeck Cider Company

"Naturally Delicious Cider, Full of Flavour"

Dorset Draft 500ml 

Dorset Blush 500ml 

Dabinett 500ml 

Purbeck No 10 500ml 

£3.95 or 3 for £10.95

Jurassic Juice 750ml Braeburn £3.99

Jurassic Juice 259ml Bramley & Cox £1.99

lulworth skipper.jpg

Lulworth Skipper

Cask Matured Real Cider made from 100% Juice

Lulworth Skipper Dry 500ml 

Lulworth Skipper Medium 500ml 

Lulworth Skipper Sweet 500ml 

£3.95 or 3 for £10.95

temple cider.jpg

Dorset Temple

"We create delicious full juice cider in the Traditional Way "

Whiskey Barrel Cider 500ml 

Milo's Magic 500ml 

Yarlington Mill Dry 500ml 

£3.95 or 3 for £10.95

west milton.jpg

West Milton Cider

"We add nothing, we take nothing away - This is real Cider as nature intended "

Dorset Moonlight 500ml 

Dorset Starlight 500ml 

Dorset Twilight 500ml 

£3.95 or 3 for £10.95

Jack Ratt.jpg

Lyme Bay Ciders

Award Winning Cider, Wine & Mead

Jack Ratt Scrumpy 1 L Glass Flagon £5.95

Jack Ratt Vintage 1 L Glass Flagon £6.50

Annings Pear & Peach Cider 500ml 

Annings Elderflower&Cucumber 500ml 

Annings Strawberry & Lyme 500ml 

Annings Pear & Mint Cider 500ml 

Annings Grapefruit&Pineapple 500ml 

Annings Crushed Mixed Berries 500ml 

£3.95 or 3 for £10.95

MULLED CIDER 750ml £4.95


Lyme Bay Mead

Award Winning Cider, Wine & Mead

Christmas Mead 75cl 

Traditional Mead 75cl 

West Country Mead 75cl 

Garden Mead (mint)75cl 

Tournament Mead (ginger) 75cl 


Lyme Bay Spirits

A selection of finest Gins and Rum

Lugger Spiced Rum 40% 70cl

Lugger Spiced Rum 40% 5cl

Lyme Bay Dry Gin 70cl 

Lyme Bay Winter Gin 70cl 

Lyme Bay Mini Flavoured Gins 5cl

-Pink Grapefruit

-Orange & Thyme

-Elderflower & Cucumber




Cider Brandy

From The Somerset Cider Brandy Company, Burrow Hill

Cider Brandy 42%

3yr Old

5yr Old 

10yr Old 

15yr Old 

Damien Hurst


Kingston Black Apple Aperitif 50cl 

Somerset Pomona 50cl 


Dorset Brewing Co.

500ml Bottle £ 3.50

Durdle Door 5% 

Dorset Knob 3.9%

Chesil 4.1%

Jurassic 4.2%

Origin 4.3%


Mulling Spice Bags

Simmer in Cider, Wine or Apple Juice for 20 minutes

A taste of Christmas !


Moores Biscuits

Handbaked Traditional Biscuits

Dorset Knob Biscuits 200g 

Butter Shortbread 300g 

Dorset Biscuit Selection 200g


Dorset Tea

Sunshine Blend

80 Bags 

40 Bags



Please phone or email for prices (priced by weight)

Scumpy Cider & Apple and a selection of other tasty cheeses



Top quality local pork

Sausages - Traditional, Gluten Free and other flavours (Frozen in packs of 6, please phone or email for prices)


Jams & Chutneys

From Dorset With Love

Apricot Jam

Blackberry & Apple Jam

Strawberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

Rhubarb & Ginger Jam

Lemon Curd

Seville Orange Marmalade

3 Fruit Marmalade

Apple & Cider Chutney

Beetroot Relish

Christmas Chutney

Curried Apple Chutney

Fig & Olive Chutney

Real Ale Chutney

Spicy Tomato Chutney

Smoked Chilli Mayo

Garlic Mayo

Dorsetshire Sauce 



Local Dorset Fudge

Clotted Cream plus other seasonal flavours

soap n tea_edited.jpg

Handmade Dorset Soap
& Bath Tea


Made by Bramblewood in Owermoigne !

Handmade Dorset Soap 

-Botanical Bloom

-Gardeners Soap


-Rose & Geranium

-Rosemary & Orange

Bath Tea (Bath Salts) 

-Botanical Bloom

-Gardeners Revivier

-Relaxing Rose


Scented Candles

Made by Rhubarb Hill in Dorset !

Black Plum & Rhubarb

Cuban Tobacco & French Oak

Dorset Apple Cake

Lemongrass & Ginger

Orange & Chilli

Pear & Freesia

Pumpkin Spice

Rhubarb & Rose

Wash Day and much more !

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