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Crush and Press Your own Apples 2022

Covid 19 update...some of our procedures will have to change this season. Staff will be distanced and therefore not able to physically help you make your juice. Minimum 2 strong people needed.

ALL AUTUMN we hire our electric crusher and presses for people to press their own apples or pears. If you give us a ring between 10am and 4pm on 01305 852220 we can book you a time and day. We usually have 2 sessions a day 11am and 2pm.

The Apples MUST BE RIPE and starting to soften. Brown patches are fine to go in but no mould.

Pears musst be reasonably hard - if they are too soft they dont go through the crusher at all!

We charge £16 per hour (calculated to the nearest quarter hour)

Very roughly about 5 buckets of apples produce about 3 buckets of pomace (apple pulp) which produces about 1 bucket of juice - but it very much depends on the size, type and ripeness of the apples.

It is reasonably physical so minimum of 2 adults must come, and wear clothes you dont mind getting sticky!

It is supervised by our friendly and informative staff at all times so you learn as you go along. and any questions can be answered.

Bring any containers you want to take the juice home in, or we sell some fermenters, containers etc in the Cider Shop.

cider at christmas.jpg

Hot Mulled Cider at Christmas

December 2022

Warm up while you do your Christmas Shopping !

Throughout December we will be offering tastes of Hot Mulled Cider when you visit the Museums or Cider Gift Shop

wassail 2016.jpg


Date TBC

Come and help us in this age old tradition to bring the apple trees back to life!

Hot Mulled Cider, Apple Cake and more on sale and you can join in the Wassail Ceremony!

We will also have a charity raffle.

"Here's to thee, old apple tree, Whence thou mayst bud

And whence thou mayst blow! And whence thou mayst bear apples enou!

Hats full ! Caps full ! Bushel-bushel-sacks full,

And my pockets full too! Huzza!"

Best Cider !.jpg

Cider Competition 2023

Date TBC

All the budding Cidermakers who pressed their apples in the Autumn at the museum are invited back for a tasting and competition !

Details to come soon

dorch cider fest 2018.jpg

Dorset County Show 2023

Date TBC

Come and see us in the Dorset Food Hall

dorch cider fest 2018.jpg

Dorchester Cider Festival 2023

Date TBC

Massive range of Ciders, Food Stalls and Live Music in Borough Gardens, Dorchester

dave n craig.jpg

CANCELLED Cider Making Open Day 2022

Sunday 23 October 2022   10am - 4pm



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