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Cider Competition 2017

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, all the Cider Makers who used the Museum's equipment last Autumn to make their cider were invited to the Cider Competition !

We had 27 entries this year - mostly dry and medium, with a few sweet and some interesting entries in the 'Other' category.

The overall Best Cider 2017 winner was Tom Anderson, followed by Rachel Evans , then Bob and Jean Prior.

The Best Label and Cider Name was Sam Barnes

The Best Dry was Tom Anderson, followed by Chris Boiling, then Dave Morgan.

Best Medium Cider was Rachel Evans, followed by Bob and Jean Prior, then Graham Starr.

The Best Sweet Cider was David Turner, followed by Rod Ware, then Sam Barnes.

We had some delicious entries in the Apple Cake Competition - overall winner was Rod Ware

Many thanks to everyone who helped out on the day, and who entered.

We are all hoping for a good apple season and look forward to next year's competition !

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